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Okay, well. I'm not easily embarrassed and this example isn't overly embarrassing, but some may find it so.

This summer I worked at my province's Hydro-electric plant for eight weeks with some other students who quickly became friends of mine. Between three boys and four girls, we played a lot of pranks on each other, ranging from water fights to general torture. One day, the boys thought it would be fun to tie my lunchbox to the chair with some crazy tire-ties that are impossible to cut away without a sharp knife. Well, they also tied a glass coffee-pot to the chair.

My friend Dominique and I came to lunch only to find all our belongings together, and so cursing ensued, and we attempted to hack them apart with a butter knife. Not possible, and in my attempt to step around the mess, I accidently kicked the pot with my steel-toed boot and sent it whirling across the floor in a million splintered pieces. At that time, the boys walked in to me find me standing over the mess with a very red, raged face.

Then, while trying to get my lunchbox undone, I smelled something perculiar that reminded me of our daily cleaning jobs around the plant. I opened my lunchbox to find a wet urinal cake inside!! Ahhh!! It took me a week to get rid of that smell.

My friend and I did get the boys back though, by toilet papering Earl's truck to death. I hung my bra from his antenna and wrote "Earl's gotta die" on his windshield in bright red lipstick. He drove home like that. All the mechanics came outside for a good laugh as well.

Okay, maybe that would have better suited a "practical joke" theme, but I wanted to contribute for once. :)
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Okay everyone, it is time to submit your entries for...

Most embarrasing work moment

(And please, lets have more than 4 entries! And promote the community! I'm going to have another small contest announced today and I SWEAR I'll update the points)
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Ok, so we only had four entries this time! Either none of you were dorks or we are all in denial! I think it is the latter.

So, please vote. Rock on. All that jazz. I promise to announce a new theme much sooner this time. And I'm going to update the points later on today too.

And maybe a mini contest too. So stay tuned!

Poll #585170 Dorkiest Jr High/High School Moment

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Dorkitude x1000, baby.

Eh, this one might be more NERD than DORK, but it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Ok, so, although I could present all necessary evidence as to why I'm a fairly large dork NOW, I don't remember having any dork moments in high school or junior high 'cuz, well, I believed I was cool back then, even though all teh cool people thought I was a dork! I just told myself I was cool in that, " 'I'm so cool, you don't even know I'm cool', kind of cool" way. xD

Anyway. My nerd moment:

I LOVE English, both literature and language. Around 8th grade is when it really made itself present, 'cuz that when I started analyzing literature and discussing symbolism and diction and creative license and all that fun stuff, and I discovered that I LOVED all of it. So by 10th grade, I was in full-force English-Core mode. My teacher then was Ms. Spalding, and she was HARD... but I loved the subject so much, AND I loved the challenge, that I became one of her best students.

Anyway, so we're studying "Julius Caesar", and she's asking us the small details and what stuff means, and I'm, of course, raising my hand for every question, in that super-dorky "Ooooh, oooh, ME!!!" way. Anyway, I think we'd had a test or something, and the teacher was informing the class who did exceptionally well, and she mentions me, and this bitchy girl in the class goes, "Well, DUH, she knows the answer to every question!"

The worst part?

I had such an ego, it didn't even PHASE me. I just kinda shrugged, all, "who, me?" about it, but secretly thinking, "Well, YEAH."

Oy. It hurts a little, how smart I thought I was. Oy.
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my "i'm a dork" story

these are hard to pick, huh? but i think this one is the best.

in junior high, i had a pretty common looking backpack - a dark green jansport. i had a few things hanging off it (keychains and such) that made it mine, but not a ton.

most lunch periods, i would hang out in the science classroom, playing othello with some other kids. i know, that's dorky enough on its own. usually i would dump off my backpack in the classroom and leave it there until my last period, which was science. i guess i had PE 5th period and didn't need my backpack or something. then i would go stright to catch my ride, and not stop by my little locker in homeroom.

so one day, when i got home, i go into my backpack and realize that it's not mine. it wa teh exact same green jansport... but wait. there's no keychains! i look at the papers inside and figure out that it's some guy's... i didn't even know who he was. i freaked out, but as i thought about it, i recalled possibly locking my backpack up that day for some reason. and i must have grabbed this one out of the classroom without thinking.

so what did i do?

the next day, i ran to the science classroom first and replaced the backpack. heart pounding, i ran back to my homeroom and unlocked my locker - my backpack was in there, thank god. i hadn't been sure. and i never spoke a word of it to anyone. that poor boy must have thought he was going crazy!

(p.s. i got out of the homework i'd missed because of a family emergency that randomly happened on that night - i was lucky in that way.)
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My Dorkiest Jr. High Moment

I have so many dorky High School moments, but I was generally accepted by the end of high school as being a dork - but it was okay because I was nice to everyone and not snobbish about it (normally) so I didn't get teased as much Junior and Senior years.. But middle school was for sucks.

In sixth grade, my math/science teacher had a poster on his wall that fascinated me: it was Garfield, he was covered in books strapped to his body and had a smug look on his face. The text said "I'm learning by osmosis". I had NO clue what osmosis meant, so I looked it up and added the word to my vocabulary..

Fast forward to a year later, in seventh grade science class. This kid Brad, who liked to pull my hair, was sound asleep on his science book as the teacher, Mr. Foster, lectures. Mr. Foster was the seventh grade wrestling coach, so he didn't take any of that crap. He was nice for the most part, but he hated when people fell asleep in his class. So he screams over to Brad, "What are you doing, Brad, taking a little nap?" I think he may have made another joke or something, but the class was silent as Brad stumbled into consciousness. And my mouth moved before I could control it (I was sitting near the back - I was very shy in middle school) - I heard myself say, "No, Mr. Foster, he's learning by osmosis."

Mr. Foster laughed so hard, but no one else got it. It was embarassing.. and Brad glared at me and then sulked the rest of class.

I could have won at Scrabble with that word in middle school. ~_^
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My dorkiest high school moment

Okay, this might take a little bit of backstory, but I don't think you'll mind (too much). :D

In high school, I was a pretty huge dork.  I was in all the honors/gifted classes and I was your basic social outcast with a few friends here and there.  I hated giving presentations in classes because I was extremely self-conscious and got nervous incredibly easily.  However, there were people dorkier than me in my high school (I know, I thought it was rather surprising as well).  There was a boy in my grade named James Brundage who had just started going to my high school at the beginning of the school year.  For some reason, he wasn't very well-liked by the entire student body; I'm not sure if it was merely because he was new or if he was just that geeky that it was impossible for people to see past his greasy hair and know-it-all attitude.  You may think I'm going off topic, but James Brundage will become very important later on in my tale.

Well, in tenth grade, we all had to write research papers on famous people in history.  We were each assisgned a person (our teacher claimed that she carefully chose them for us, but I always thought she just pulled names out of a hat or something).  My person was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Part of the assignment was to give an oral presentation about the person you were assigned.  When the day came for me to present, I was incredibly nervous, as it was really the first time I'd done anything like that before.  Before entering my classroom, I saw James Brundage in the hall and snickered to myself about how weird he was.  How I wish I never would have done that.

The teacher called my name and I got up in front of the class and began to talk about FDR's family life.  His father's name was James Roosevelt, but that isn't what came out of my mouth; instead, I blurted out "James Brundage," which caused my entire class to burst into hysterical laughter.  At first, I had no idea what I had done, so I was incredibly confused, but once it dawned on me, I could feel my face becomming increasingly warmer.  It was horrible.  My worst fears were realized: I was standing in front of my classmates and they were laughing AT ME.  I tried to laugh off the whole incident, trying to make it seem like I'd done it on purpose, but I don't think anyone bought it.  I rushed through the rest of my paper with tears in my eyes and was incredibly thankful when I was able to sit down again.

For the rest of the year, people made comments about me being in love with James Brundage even though I tried to explain that he was on my mind because I had seen him in the hall before class started.  It didn't work.  People were even still talking about it by the time graduation rolled around.  Thankfully, James Brundage and his family moved the next year, so at least I didn't have to face him ever again.
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