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The Llama Awards
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My dorkiest high school moment 
8th-Sep-2005 12:14 pm
me - glasses and hat
Okay, this might take a little bit of backstory, but I don't think you'll mind (too much). :D

In high school, I was a pretty huge dork.  I was in all the honors/gifted classes and I was your basic social outcast with a few friends here and there.  I hated giving presentations in classes because I was extremely self-conscious and got nervous incredibly easily.  However, there were people dorkier than me in my high school (I know, I thought it was rather surprising as well).  There was a boy in my grade named James Brundage who had just started going to my high school at the beginning of the school year.  For some reason, he wasn't very well-liked by the entire student body; I'm not sure if it was merely because he was new or if he was just that geeky that it was impossible for people to see past his greasy hair and know-it-all attitude.  You may think I'm going off topic, but James Brundage will become very important later on in my tale.

Well, in tenth grade, we all had to write research papers on famous people in history.  We were each assisgned a person (our teacher claimed that she carefully chose them for us, but I always thought she just pulled names out of a hat or something).  My person was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Part of the assignment was to give an oral presentation about the person you were assigned.  When the day came for me to present, I was incredibly nervous, as it was really the first time I'd done anything like that before.  Before entering my classroom, I saw James Brundage in the hall and snickered to myself about how weird he was.  How I wish I never would have done that.

The teacher called my name and I got up in front of the class and began to talk about FDR's family life.  His father's name was James Roosevelt, but that isn't what came out of my mouth; instead, I blurted out "James Brundage," which caused my entire class to burst into hysterical laughter.  At first, I had no idea what I had done, so I was incredibly confused, but once it dawned on me, I could feel my face becomming increasingly warmer.  It was horrible.  My worst fears were realized: I was standing in front of my classmates and they were laughing AT ME.  I tried to laugh off the whole incident, trying to make it seem like I'd done it on purpose, but I don't think anyone bought it.  I rushed through the rest of my paper with tears in my eyes and was incredibly thankful when I was able to sit down again.

For the rest of the year, people made comments about me being in love with James Brundage even though I tried to explain that he was on my mind because I had seen him in the hall before class started.  It didn't work.  People were even still talking about it by the time graduation rolled around.  Thankfully, James Brundage and his family moved the next year, so at least I didn't have to face him ever again.
8th-Sep-2005 05:13 pm (UTC)
Oh man - embarassing. At least he didn't then come up to you and ask you out. xD
8th-Sep-2005 05:20 pm (UTC)
You know, I don't even know if the story ever got back to him. He was such a social outcast that most people just kept their distance. Thank goodness for me. Haha. I would have DIED if he would have asked me out.
8th-Sep-2005 08:07 pm (UTC)
hee, you have some cute potterpuffs icons!
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