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The Llama Awards
Do you have it in you?
my "i'm a dork" story 
8th-Sep-2005 12:42 pm
me - mothers day 2019
these are hard to pick, huh? but i think this one is the best.

in junior high, i had a pretty common looking backpack - a dark green jansport. i had a few things hanging off it (keychains and such) that made it mine, but not a ton.

most lunch periods, i would hang out in the science classroom, playing othello with some other kids. i know, that's dorky enough on its own. usually i would dump off my backpack in the classroom and leave it there until my last period, which was science. i guess i had PE 5th period and didn't need my backpack or something. then i would go stright to catch my ride, and not stop by my little locker in homeroom.

so one day, when i got home, i go into my backpack and realize that it's not mine. it wa teh exact same green jansport... but wait. there's no keychains! i look at the papers inside and figure out that it's some guy's... i didn't even know who he was. i freaked out, but as i thought about it, i recalled possibly locking my backpack up that day for some reason. and i must have grabbed this one out of the classroom without thinking.

so what did i do?

the next day, i ran to the science classroom first and replaced the backpack. heart pounding, i ran back to my homeroom and unlocked my locker - my backpack was in there, thank god. i hadn't been sure. and i never spoke a word of it to anyone. that poor boy must have thought he was going crazy!

(p.s. i got out of the homework i'd missed because of a family emergency that randomly happened on that night - i was lucky in that way.)
8th-Sep-2005 09:27 pm (UTC)
I think it would've been an even dorkier story if you'd gone into playing "Othello" at recess, ya dork. ;p
8th-Sep-2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
well it was recess, sorta. junior high lunch period = recess!
8th-Sep-2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know why I called it "recess". Yeah, I win the llama award for calling it recess now. Haha.
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