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The Llama Awards
Do you have it in you?
Dorkitude x1000, baby. 
8th-Sep-2005 02:23 pm
Mexy sexican
Eh, this one might be more NERD than DORK, but it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Ok, so, although I could present all necessary evidence as to why I'm a fairly large dork NOW, I don't remember having any dork moments in high school or junior high 'cuz, well, I believed I was cool back then, even though all teh cool people thought I was a dork! I just told myself I was cool in that, " 'I'm so cool, you don't even know I'm cool', kind of cool" way. xD

Anyway. My nerd moment:

I LOVE English, both literature and language. Around 8th grade is when it really made itself present, 'cuz that when I started analyzing literature and discussing symbolism and diction and creative license and all that fun stuff, and I discovered that I LOVED all of it. So by 10th grade, I was in full-force English-Core mode. My teacher then was Ms. Spalding, and she was HARD... but I loved the subject so much, AND I loved the challenge, that I became one of her best students.

Anyway, so we're studying "Julius Caesar", and she's asking us the small details and what stuff means, and I'm, of course, raising my hand for every question, in that super-dorky "Ooooh, oooh, ME!!!" way. Anyway, I think we'd had a test or something, and the teacher was informing the class who did exceptionally well, and she mentions me, and this bitchy girl in the class goes, "Well, DUH, she knows the answer to every question!"

The worst part?

I had such an ego, it didn't even PHASE me. I just kinda shrugged, all, "who, me?" about it, but secretly thinking, "Well, YEAH."

Oy. It hurts a little, how smart I thought I was. Oy.
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