July 6th, 2005

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gonzostar - breakup story

i've only ever had 3 breakups, so i don't have any real gems for this one.

but my first boyfriend, stephen, was the kind of guy i was NOT into. i was dating him because, hey, i was 15 and someone liked me. i didn't have the foresight to really that i should have liked him, too.

the best part about the breakup is that i really timed it well. it had to be very planned out. because of two factors:

1. our best friends(and really, only friends), amy and bryon, were a couple. so it was going to break up our little group.


2. we were lab partners in physics. the problem being that i anticipated a big freak-out on his part, and i didn't want to sacrafice my grade.

so i waited a good 2 weeks for the "perfect" time. i had to wait until we were finished with our final project in physics. which meant i had to carefully avoid his kisses while we worked together on a rube goldberg machine. then i scoped out the perfect day: a friday in which i would be off campus from frist period on at a swim meet. so i could dump him, and then he could have amy and bryon to himself for the whole day! and then a whole weekend to get over it! perfect.

so i came up to him before school, and i said something along the lines of, "i don't think this is working out." to which he said nothing. cold blank stare. after i waved my hand in front of his face a few times, amy and bryon appeared, i told them that i'd dumped him, and i took off to 1st period.


and yeah.... it was a big freak out. it took him a month to tell his mom we'd broken up. he wasn't able to talk to me for weeks. sigh. teenage drama.
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Okay people, lets get it together!

I'm now accepting stories about...

Best Breakup.

Funny, pathetic lies, superbly stupid... let us hear about them.
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Best Breakup Entry - katuna

Oh a classic. It was a high school romance (don't they just make the best break up stories) and I was a smart junior dating a sophomore. For once in my life, I had NO sense of right and wrong. So, I started dating Jason. He was also know as Canada.

Canada and I dated for about two months. He was incredibly clingy and wanted to talk to me all the time. He drew me pictures (they weren't good) and wrote me love notes (of the locker stuffing variety) and insisted on holding my hand throughout the hallways (I hate that). My friends knew the relationship was doomed, but hey, having a boyfriend that annoyed you wasn't too bad. At least I had a boyfriend.

One day, I was at Canada's house. We were sitting/laying on the couch watching TV with his younger siblings. I felt something poking me in the back. I asked him if he could talk the pencil out of his pocket. (In my defense, we couldn't carry back packs at school and guys generally carried pens and pencils in their pockets) He repiled that, ummm, it wasn't a penicl. Whoops. I tried not to laugh.

(At a later time, I did indeed see it and yes, it resembled a pencil)

Shortly after, Canda and I broke up. Well, I dumped him. He asked me to marry him after high school so he could stay in the counrty (they were here on a work visa) and that freaked me out. I said bye bye. He got so upset that he accused me of sleeping with someone. I was, at the time, a virgin and took that sort of accusation pretty seriously. So, in the middle of our cafeteria, I shouted that...

I could never date someone with a pencil dick!

*sigh* Yes, that was a great moment for me. He hates me now. Oh Canada, you and your pencil dick still make me laugh!
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Break-up Story

I don't really like to consider this a breakup, because we were never really going out. I don't like to think of the guy as being a former boyfriend. And it was in the 6th grade, and it was stupid. But it's a funny story to tell when I decide to admit that I actually dated the freak. (On a side note, this is the only person I have ever dated. I have never been on another single frickin date since the 6th grade. I'm pah-thet-ick. yikes.)

Soooo.... his name was Derrick. And we were friends before we started going out. And we went out for like... 8 months, which is a long time for two 6th graders! We were both really big/fat kids and we just kinda got eachother and had fun together. I suppose.

I don't think it was really dating though. We just like... hung out together and called eachother boyfriend and girlfriend, but we never went on a date alone. And things started to get weird eventually when we got closer to eachother and weren't so much friends anymore, and eventually he stopped talking to me for awhile, and then came the breakup day.

It was our school's spanish festival, and we were having a meracado selling different crafts that everyone had made using fake money and everything. I was walking around, and all of a sudden he came over to me and told me that we had to talk. He took me over into the commons and sat down on one of the couches and told me that he wanted to break up with me. I tried to act upset (but secretly I wasn't) and I asked him why and stuff, and he told me that he had been cheating on me with this girl named Vicki that I had met only once. HA! Him cheating on me? Chances of that were slim. Seriously, if you had seen the kid, you'd know what I was talking about. He did NOT cheat on me. In the 6th grade. With the class slut. No matter how slutty she was.

Well, fine and well, it would seem like a semi-normal breakup... until Derrick left that is. Say what? The breaker-upper left and then it got interesting!? YES!

This girl I had never gotten along with had seen the whole thing go down, and she thought it was rather hilarious. Laughing her evil little laugh, she walked over to me and said "So how does it feel to be dumped, bitch?"

To which I replied with a quick slap across her face and said "I dunno... how does it feel to be slapped, bitch?", and then I curtly turned and walked away.

Even though I wasn't hurt by the breakup, it sure felt good to slap that girl across the face.

And by the way, I'm not usually a violent person. I return violence, I don't usually start it. =)

Yay for an interesting first post! haha. Oh, and to add... I found this community through gonzostar. bestest best lj buddy evah!! whooo!
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