July 7th, 2005

Breakup story... x2... on the same guy!

So here's a breakup story with a twist... after only dating for about one week during a summer break from highschool and not really getting upset about it until about a month AFTER the breakup when we went back to school and i found out what was realllllly going on!

So my best friend (angeleyez_19 aka Krystal) started dating this guy named David and because we were best friends (me and Krystal)... i was taggin' along to Davids house who was best friends with a guy named Chuck. Naturally with that...Chuck was there all the time and so was I.... and then one day there was Krystal and David all doing the relationship thing playing in the pool while i was on my side and Chuck was somewhere near but not so close. Of course one things lead to the next and as soon as we knew it.... we were on the other side of the pool flirting and all of that good stuff. Days passed on and we went over there a few more times just hanging out and the flirting between me and Chuck was getting even more heavy... phone numbers were exchanged and of course we'd talk on the phone for hours apon hours. Wellllllll, i started agrivated because even after a week or so of chatting on the phone and flirting with eachother... even kissing... he just wouldn't ask me out to be his girlfriend!

I was so disappointed and wondering why he wouldn't as me (even asking his best friend why he wouldn't ask and ofcourse david played stupid with "i don't know") and he knew it so FINALLY he asked me to be his girl and wah-lah... we were an item. For the next week or dating... it was rather strange. We flirted... we talked... we even 'fooled around' but not to the extent of actual sex or anything (no i wasn't a slut either!...haha). Anyways... things were always *odd* between us though because of the ways he acted. He had to be home at a certain time or something or he had to get off the phone sometimes... it was just weird so i broke up with him after about 6 days or so from our official dating date. *hmph* No hard feeling though... just a quick summer fling that was fun and flirty and that was that....good while it lasted.

When highschool started up the next year i heard it thru the grapevine that he was dating a girl, who i was friends with!!!!, but she went to her grandmas all summer long!!! OMG! I felt TERRIBLE because i had NO idea he was still dating her.... of course he never mentioned her... and bless her heart... i guess she knew i didn't know they were dating and never brought it up to me nor did she get mad at me. She just didn't talk to me really that much but waved and stuff when she saw me from a distance.... like a seriously friendly wave. She was the sweetest girl and i felt horrible... i would NEVER do that...purposely anyhow!!! That's when all hell broke loose and i argued with Chuck like we were just splitting during a BAD breakup even though it happened a month before.... and that's when the silent treatment afterwards began. It was like a "whatever breakup" when we actually broke up and then after found out the truth it was a "raging i hate you breakup" after it was all said and done... HA.

And the funny thing is... he tried to hook up with me a couple of years later.... excuse me?!? Well... he still was kinda cute but good thing i was just on the rebound of a bad breakup and he was about to enlist in the army and i didn't want to get mixed up in that!
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So, I am adding more contests to this community.

Here is how they work.

Every time I post a contest, you are allowed to participate. Simple, yes? You aren’t required to join in on the fun so don’t worry. I’m not that strict. Each contest will have a small set of rules. If you win the contest, you’ll get a prize. Yay for prizes!

However, to make things more interesting, we’ll also be keeping a running list of points. Winning a contest will add to your point total. So will other things…

- Each new member you bring in counts as five points. However, the newbie MUST let us know who recruited them once they join. We won’t be asking.
- Each entry you submit for our weekly themes (the ones that count towards Llama Awards) will be worth 3 points.
- Each vote you receive on your submission will be worth 1 point.
- Each Llama Award you win will be worth 10 points.
- Each smaller contest you win will be worth 7 points.
- Last, there are bonus points you can win. What are the bonus points? Good question… the bonus points are awarded by me and me alone. I might give them to you if you have an exceptionally funny entry, post or even comment. Hell, I might give you some for a good icon. They are subjective and entirely unfair. Great, huh?

Soo…. The first small contest we are going to have is…


We need pictures of llamas and it is your job to find the best picture you can. You have ONE WEEK from today (which would mean, all submissions must be in on July 14th) to find your picture. Have fun.
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New member!

All right, I'm joining. I have a bad habit of lurking on communities more than participating, though... but this community looks like it may change that. ;D (I'll have to try and un-block all those breakups for a good story...)

Aaaannnddd... even though a certain star who likes gonzo will probably hate me for this, she's already in the lead, so I'm gonna say that mcdchick923 referred me. =D

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Hmm..breakup stories..let me reach deep in the recess of my mind..

I was dating this really hot guy named Brian. Military, of course. He was 21, I was 16. (I love age gaps) At the time, I was very inexperienced when it came to guys..and he was wanting me to go faster. We saw each other very rarely, as a week into our relationship, he got put on base restriction for drinking and driving. He finally got off of that and we started talking again. One day, I saw him online. I IMed him. Only..it wasn't him. It was a girl. She says "Who are you?" And I reply with "I'm Tiffany..Brian's girlfriend..who are you?" And of course..you can tell, I get the "Oh really? Me too. He told me that he doesn't want to date you anymore." Umm..thanks? Asshole.

He broke up with her a month later and last I heard, he was stood up by some chick he wanted to marry off the internet.
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