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The Llama Awards
Do you have it in you?
Best Breakup Entry - katuna 
6th-Jul-2005 12:56 pm
Misc - Blue Flowers
Oh a classic. It was a high school romance (don't they just make the best break up stories) and I was a smart junior dating a sophomore. For once in my life, I had NO sense of right and wrong. So, I started dating Jason. He was also know as Canada.

Canada and I dated for about two months. He was incredibly clingy and wanted to talk to me all the time. He drew me pictures (they weren't good) and wrote me love notes (of the locker stuffing variety) and insisted on holding my hand throughout the hallways (I hate that). My friends knew the relationship was doomed, but hey, having a boyfriend that annoyed you wasn't too bad. At least I had a boyfriend.

One day, I was at Canada's house. We were sitting/laying on the couch watching TV with his younger siblings. I felt something poking me in the back. I asked him if he could talk the pencil out of his pocket. (In my defense, we couldn't carry back packs at school and guys generally carried pens and pencils in their pockets) He repiled that, ummm, it wasn't a penicl. Whoops. I tried not to laugh.

(At a later time, I did indeed see it and yes, it resembled a pencil)

Shortly after, Canda and I broke up. Well, I dumped him. He asked me to marry him after high school so he could stay in the counrty (they were here on a work visa) and that freaked me out. I said bye bye. He got so upset that he accused me of sleeping with someone. I was, at the time, a virgin and took that sort of accusation pretty seriously. So, in the middle of our cafeteria, I shouted that...

I could never date someone with a pencil dick!

*sigh* Yes, that was a great moment for me. He hates me now. Oh Canada, you and your pencil dick still make me laugh!
6th-Jul-2005 06:10 pm (UTC)
oh that's awesome.

and also, i know this feeling all too well:

but hey, having a boyfriend that annoyed you wasn't too bad. At least I had a boyfriend.

enter my high school boyfriend. ;)
7th-Jul-2005 06:49 pm (UTC)
He deserved it for accusing you of sleeping around. That is the WORST thing I think you can do when someone breaks up with you is automatically say "OMG you cheated on me didn't you? There MUST be someone else because we were absolutely perfect together!" -_-''

I've used a similar line myself. It'll probably end up being my story. :P
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