Holly (gonzostar) wrote in llamaawards,

gonzostar - breakup story

i've only ever had 3 breakups, so i don't have any real gems for this one.

but my first boyfriend, stephen, was the kind of guy i was NOT into. i was dating him because, hey, i was 15 and someone liked me. i didn't have the foresight to really that i should have liked him, too.

the best part about the breakup is that i really timed it well. it had to be very planned out. because of two factors:

1. our best friends(and really, only friends), amy and bryon, were a couple. so it was going to break up our little group.


2. we were lab partners in physics. the problem being that i anticipated a big freak-out on his part, and i didn't want to sacrafice my grade.

so i waited a good 2 weeks for the "perfect" time. i had to wait until we were finished with our final project in physics. which meant i had to carefully avoid his kisses while we worked together on a rube goldberg machine. then i scoped out the perfect day: a friday in which i would be off campus from frist period on at a swim meet. so i could dump him, and then he could have amy and bryon to himself for the whole day! and then a whole weekend to get over it! perfect.

so i came up to him before school, and i said something along the lines of, "i don't think this is working out." to which he said nothing. cold blank stare. after i waved my hand in front of his face a few times, amy and bryon appeared, i told them that i'd dumped him, and i took off to 1st period.


and yeah.... it was a big freak out. it took him a month to tell his mom we'd broken up. he wasn't able to talk to me for weeks. sigh. teenage drama.
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