Katrina Marie (katuna) wrote in llamaawards,
Katrina Marie


So, I am adding more contests to this community.

Here is how they work.

Every time I post a contest, you are allowed to participate. Simple, yes? You aren’t required to join in on the fun so don’t worry. I’m not that strict. Each contest will have a small set of rules. If you win the contest, you’ll get a prize. Yay for prizes!

However, to make things more interesting, we’ll also be keeping a running list of points. Winning a contest will add to your point total. So will other things…

- Each new member you bring in counts as five points. However, the newbie MUST let us know who recruited them once they join. We won’t be asking.
- Each entry you submit for our weekly themes (the ones that count towards Llama Awards) will be worth 3 points.
- Each vote you receive on your submission will be worth 1 point.
- Each Llama Award you win will be worth 10 points.
- Each smaller contest you win will be worth 7 points.
- Last, there are bonus points you can win. What are the bonus points? Good question… the bonus points are awarded by me and me alone. I might give them to you if you have an exceptionally funny entry, post or even comment. Hell, I might give you some for a good icon. They are subjective and entirely unfair. Great, huh?

Soo…. The first small contest we are going to have is…


We need pictures of llamas and it is your job to find the best picture you can. You have ONE WEEK from today (which would mean, all submissions must be in on July 14th) to find your picture. Have fun.
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