Tiffany (raegan_liberty) wrote in llamaawards,

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Hmm..breakup stories..let me reach deep in the recess of my mind..

I was dating this really hot guy named Brian. Military, of course. He was 21, I was 16. (I love age gaps) At the time, I was very inexperienced when it came to guys..and he was wanting me to go faster. We saw each other very rarely, as a week into our relationship, he got put on base restriction for drinking and driving. He finally got off of that and we started talking again. One day, I saw him online. I IMed him. wasn't him. It was a girl. She says "Who are you?" And I reply with "I'm Tiffany..Brian's girlfriend..who are you?" And of can tell, I get the "Oh really? Me too. He told me that he doesn't want to date you anymore." Umm..thanks? Asshole.

He broke up with her a month later and last I heard, he was stood up by some chick he wanted to marry off the internet.
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